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On July 6, 2004, The Pure Athlete, L.L.C. (TPA) was established. TPA is a corporation focused on improving the participation in sports for all levels of play and for all ages.

About The Pure Athlete The Pure Athlete L.L.C. is still in the planning and development stage of opening our first training facility. We will then implement our specially design instruction methods using the basics of physiology and mechanics of pure techniques. Within a year after our grand opening, it is our plan to offer franchise opportunities nationwide for individuals that are qualified and interested in applying our specific training methods in their areas.

About "" was established on August 1, 2004 as a part of The Pure Athlete L.L.C. We offer the amateur and youth athletes a way to launch themselves into the sporting community of their choice through greater exposure locally, nationwide and all over the world. Our focus is set on connecting sport participants to the activities they enjoy most. We are also providing for event coordinators to post their events in order to improve attendance and participation.